Worst power load shedding of history brings people to the roads

Recently the worst power shortage and load shedding in response hit the country. The power requirement of country in these days is about 16500 Mega Watts (MW) but the production is down to all time low in recent times which is just 7500 MW. In response the electricity load shedding of hours is being observed all over the country.

Most effected in recent times are the business people and industries, which are all shut down due to power outages. Common people who rely on power for their living are most affected and furious, hence loads of people have hit the roads once again to remind the current government of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) about their unfulfilled promises of putting an end to electricity load shedding.

The situation is more worse than before, in past this country had been producing more than 14000 MW of power but now this capability is down to just 7500 MW. Recently, four of power plants which run on oil were reportedly idle due to stoppage of fuel provision.

This power situation is effacting the whole country and people all over Pakistan which include cities like Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Karachi and many more have hit the roads on past day. Instead of understanding the misery they are going through, protesters were met with power and police force was used against protesters. Many protesters were beat down by the police using sticks specially in Lahore.

The point is weather still Pakistan will be given with the solution to their power needs or people will still have to live in darkness in this country in 21st century. Pakistan have got loads of natural resources, Cole is just one example, plus this country is Nuclear Power. Production of required power and much more must not be an issue of this country but the issue have to be seriously picked up by a worthy and caring administration. Current PPP administration seems to be failed till now in that. They still have half the time left to make things happen and give the people of Pakistan what they deserve.

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