YouTube Banned in Pakistan? Unblock YouTube

The most breaking yet shocking news for all of the Pakistani Internet users is that YouTube has been banned in Pakistan. This came to me when I was about to open and watch a YouTube video on Firefox but instead it kept returning me the “server not responding” message after many failed attempts. Later it was confirmed by Shafiq on his blog.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened in Pakistan. Last time was blocked as some of the blogs on Blogger were targeting the religious and cultural values of Muslims however this time the matter is related to politics.

I will try my best not to go into the details rather I will teach you some ways to Unblock and Access YouTube. This is not only helpful for Pakistani users but for users of all the regions where YouTube is blocked.

1. Proxy Site   recommended proxy site

vTunnel is one of the best proxy site used world-wide to unblock and access YouTube. Here are some of the other proxies that will let you access YouTube as well.

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